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Established in 1984, MBI continues to provide treatment solutions for the water and wastewater market.

Past success allows for our future achievements.


“Is it fair, is it the truth, will it build better relationships, is it beneficial to all concerned”


Meet customers needs by representing quality products and services with proven and established track records. Manufacturers



We partner with the best technology to deliver proven cost effective results. Distribution: Water and wastewater treatment is a critical process that must be kept operational. We maintain large parts and equipment inventories locally to help customers stay in operation.



Factory trained and certified technicians with water and wastewater licenses on call 24/7. Vehicles are stocked with parts and equipment to provide on-site assistance when you need it the most. We value and appreciate opportunities to provide solutions and be of service and understand that professional sales and service, coupled with 1st tier products, is the avenue to a loyal customer.

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